Big Rock-Utila:  Your Private Getaway
Throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.
Things to Do
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Scuba Diving

         Utila is world renowned for its Scuba Diving.   According to Scuba Diving Magazine, Utila is one of the top scuba diving destinations in the Caribbean.  There are some 60 moored dive sites surround Utila.  The south shore is characterized by gently sloping slopes and close in fringing reefs filled with the smallest and most interesting creatures in the Caribbean.  Seahorses, pipefish, blennies of every shape and size all reward the patient observant diver.   Although the diving is easy in the sense that strong currents are rare, excellent buoyancy is required to truly appreciate Utila’s uniqueness.   The north side of Utila is a different world.   Here the Cayman trench meets the volcanic peak that is Utila.   Depths on the north shore are measured in thousands of meters.  Barrel sponges are measured in meters and the elusive Whale Shark can be reliably found during much of the year.  Utila has been the subject of many articles on its diving: Sport Diver, Scuba Diving and Islands magazines. Our captain will take to to your choice of sites to dive each day.   Although we recommend getting up early for the calmest seas and best visibility, there is no rushing to make the dive boat.  Its at your beck and call.  And when you are done diving off the Down Time, hoist a tank and head off the dive platform at the end of the dock.   A mere 20 yards in front of the dock, the reef drops off to more than 150 feet!

The "Down Time"

Check-Out Some Video from Recent Guests
Taken on the "Wild" North Side of Utila


            One of Utila’s (and Honduras’) lesser known available sports is sportfishing.    Utila’s  flats are teeming with bonefish and permit, her lagoons home to year round tarpon fishing and the amazingly deep waters just offshore are home to Marlin (a record 600lb marlin was caught in 2007), Wahoo, Dorado (Bull Dolphin), and Tuna.  If you prefer to fish instead of (or in addition to) diving, the “Down Time” is at your beck and call.  With a 50 gallon tank and a reliable Yamaha Saltwater Series II engine, she is ready to take you an a companion on a tour of some of the best fishing found in the Bay Islands.  Whether your passion is deep sea or flats fishing, fly or casting, Utila has it all.   We encourage our guests to practice reasonable catch and release policies.  If you want to take a fish or two for dinner, by all means please do. But we do ask that all of our guests take only what they will use and return the rest to the sea for future guest and the future of this our fragile environment.

Horseback Tours

     Red  Ridge Stables offers scenic tours of Utila via horseback.  See Utila the way her original settlers did!  Prices are a reasonable $35 for two hour tours and tours are scheduled for mornings and afternoons.

ATV Rentals

    Lance Bodden, in town will ret you ATVs if you prefer a more modern tour of the island.  Lance is located in town just north of the main dock.  His rates change from time to time, but an ATV can usually be rented for less than $80/day.

Water Caye    

    Located off of Utila's southwest shore, Water Cay is the epitome of a Caribbean dream, a small deserted island with swaying palms, white sand beaches, and clear turquoise waters.

    It is possible to hire a water taxi for the 30 minute journey from the town centre to Water Cay and spend the day enjoying the isolation and the fabulous snorkeling that can be found there.

    Our captain and the Down Time will take you and your friends to this uninhabited, palm-treed, white sanded Caye. Campfires are discouraged, so pack some sandwiches if you're the hungry type. A jug of water, a bucket of sunscreen and a bottle of rum might make your Crusoe fantasy complete. Entrance L25 each (approx. $1.50 each). Just leave your Blackberry back on Utila, OK?

    Water Cay is also home to the famous Sun Jam a 2 day music and dancing fiesta held at Water Cay every year during the 1st weekend of August.

Utopia Dive Village
    Utopia dive village is a full service resort located approximately 3/4 of a mile west of Big Rock Cabana.   Utopia features a full service bar and restaurant.  Many of our guests enjoy strolling to Utopia for a drink and/or dinner  on an evening or two while they stay with us.  Making advance reservations for dinner is important as they usually prepare just for the number of guests that they  have at the resort.   Instructions for contacting Utopia can be found in the Cabana Welcome Book at Big Rock Cabana

Captain Rusty's Sailing Tour

    You will already know Captain Rusty before you have to make a decision on whether you want to take his sailing tour.  Captain Rusty also serves as your boat captain while on the Down Time. 

    Captain Rusty has been operating his Sailboat Tours & Charters out of Utila harbor for over 10 years. Travel with him on his 40ft motor sailboat "Brazen" to those out-of-the-way locations around the Bay Islands of Honduras that other tourists just don't get to see. With over 20 years experience in providing private charters and sailboat tours around the Islands, Captain Rusty can take you to the most picturesque locations and those "hidden" bays and islets that are scattered around the islands and cays. For the more adventurous, Rusty can take you ashore to visit Garifuna villages, where he is well known by the locals, or take a hike through the jungle on rarely traveled trails encountering local plant and wildlife.

    The "Brazen" has 2 private cabins for passengers (4 passengers maximum) and Captain Rusty is an expert chef who can provide you with mouth-watering meals of freshly caught fish and local produce. The boat is equipped for big game and deep water fishing and Captain Rusty can take you to his favorite secluded fishing spots where you can be guaranteed to catch that perfect fish.

    Scuba Divers - bring your scuba gear and we can visit fantastic dive sites off the beaten track that are not visited by the Dive Shop Operators. We can stop in at a local Dive Shop for tank re-fills and any gear hire you may need, before heading out.   Captain Rusty's tours make a great addition before, after or in the middle of a stay at Big Rock Cabana.   Rusty's prices are:

    Cayos Cochinos Tour - 2 Nights, 3 Days - $250.00 per person, (2 person minimum)

    Roatan - 1 way (approx 4 hours sailing) $50 per person, Overnight Return Tour - $95 per person (4 person minimum)

Tours include breakfast, lunch and dinner prepared by the onboard chef

Free use of our snorkelling equipment

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