Big Rock-Utila:  Your Private Getaway
Throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.
The Dock
No tropical vacation would be complete without a place to stretch out in a hammock, read a book, catch a breeze, have a drink or take a well-deserved afternoon nap.   The Big Rock Dock is just the place for any or all of these activities and so much more.

    Big Rock Dock is truly the center of your vacation experience.  Strolling down the dock's wide walkway, a 100 feet out over the aquamarine Caribbean sea, you come to the main structure.   The first level of the dock includes a dive/swim platform affectionately known as "June's Jump" after our mother, who has a crazy habit of throwing herself off the dock and laughing hysterically.   "June's Jump" has an aluminum ladder that reaches into the sea and can accommodate a fully loaded diver or just your average snorkeler.  The dock's first level also includes a freshwater shower for rinsing off after a swim and a dive gear/fish cleaning station.

    Strolling up the stairs to the "Crow's Nest", named for our father who is known to appreciate a fine martini and resembles 007 a bit, you can now fully appreciate the views of Big Rock.   The expansive sea views and the mountains of mainland Honduras complete a truly postcard picture.   The "Crow's Nest" is equipped with comfortable chairs and hooks for hanging a hammock.   Covered by an authentic Honduran thatched roof, Big Rock Dock provides an escape from the midday sun and is lit for both night and day use.   In fact, many of our guests tell us that they doze off in the evenings,  only to wake to the sunrise over the sea the next morning.  

We invite you to come enjoy your own time in paradise.  Shouldn't a vacation allow you to truly get away from it all?  You can at Big Rock.


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