Big Rock-Utila:  Your Private Getaway
Throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.
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This is Not Your Typical Vacation Rental

You Must Read and Heed Everything On This Page

The rest of our website is dedicated to telling you all of the reasons why you should come to Big Rock.  This page is dedicated to making sure that you understand the reasons you should NOT come to Big Rock.   Yes, that's right.  We are spending space and bandwidth to discourage you from coming to Big Rock.   Hopefully I have your attention.  It is so critical that you understand the below points.   Read them carefully.  There will be a quiz if you decide to rent from us.  So here we go:

1.  Big Rock is Boat Access Only-  What this means is that you cannot get to town from Big Rock without getting on a boat.  Its not possible.  Understand what this means, at night, you are marooned.   Our captain and our boat the Down Time do not stay at the property overnight.  Not only is there not enough room, the seas are often too rough for docking the boat.   If something happens to you overnight, you are stuck at least until morning.

2.  Big Rock is Remote-  I think No.1 above covers this, but the point can't be overemphasized. Big Rock is a little over 2 miles from town.  When it gets dark at Big Rock, it gets DARK.  There are no street lights (unless you count the lights on the dock).   Most folks are perfectly fine with being alone.  But if you get nervous or are afraid of the dark, Big Rock is not for you.   The upside of this is that you won't believe the stars you'll see.

3.  There are No Police at Big Rock-  This one sounds really scary.   Its not intended to.  In fact, we've never had one thing stolen from Big Rock and Mario (the caretaker) is very good about keeping folks from trespassing.  We have stayed out there for weeks at a time and no one has ever bothered us.  Just understand that there is no 911.

4.  There are No Lifeguards-  Big Rock is really all about the water.  You can dive, snorkle, fish or just float to your hearts content.   That said, if someone in your party is a poor swimmer, or can't swim, perhaps Big Rock is not for you.  There are no lifeguards on duty.   This is a particularly important point if you are considering bringing children.  You are responsible for watching them at all times.   The surf can get rough at Big Rock.  The Coral is sharp at Big Rock.   This is a true nature vacation.  You are in nature, not Disney World's version.

5. Things Creep and Crawl-  Again, this is not Disney World.   Just after dusk every night, crabs can be seen migrating to the oceans edge.  At times, there are thousands.  Its natural, but the first time you see it, it can be a bit creepy.   We have bats on the property.  These are perhaps the most beneficial creatures on land at Big Rock.  They eat literally thousands of bugs daily.   There is the occasional scorpion and snake to be seen on the property.  These points are again, especially important for those considering bringing children to Big Rock.  Again, this is not Disney World.  Its better, but not for everyone.

6. Medical Care-  Setting aside the remoteness of Big Rock, medical care on Utila is relatively minimal.   Dr. John's medical clinic can handle many smaller issues and even some bigger ones (broken bones, etc.).   But true hospital medical care requires a trip to the mainland.   So imagine getting from Big Rock to town to the mainland for hospital care.  Its work and it may take too long.

Ok, so you've read the above and you are thinking... maybe this isn't quite the spot for us.   You can still enjoy a great trip to Utila.  Let us recommend some "in-town" spots.   We highly recommend the Villas at Slumberland  We have Slumberland and have thoroughly enjoyed our Trip.   They will take good care of you at Slumberland, and please tell them we sent you.
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